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The germ theory of disease, wedding plans, relative titles, and prophecies.
November 17, 2017
What's so funny about facing death? We take an architectural tour of the village, and wonder about the valley's economy and food storage. We take an inventory of a sick room, with a detour into Pixar'...
November 16, 2017
Teto is comfortable. A baby needs a name. Don’t harsh on your kid’s gender.
November 15, 2017
Is the ocean a resource? How does the village stay in touch with the outside world? Nausicaa trims a sail. A princess gets away with not wearing a hat. We discuss Nausicaa's mother.
November 14, 2017
We try to figure out the geography of the valley.
November 13, 2017
Nausicaa and Yupa discuss her father's illness.
November 10, 2017
Fox squirrel adaptations. Splattering blood. Nausicaa’s assertion of dominance and her mysterious power. The nature of horseclaw love.
November 9, 2017
We speculate on the purpose and position of wind chime towers. We learn the character’s names. Yupa’s story about finding the fox squirrel doesn’t make sense. There’s some confusion about the...
November 8, 2017
We give the MVP for this minute to the sound design.
November 7, 2017
The rampaging ohmu is calmed with an flute and flash grenades. We discuss almost twerking and dog whistles.
November 6, 2017

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